How to Make Certificate of Good Standing (CGS/COGS) - Revision
Monday, 30 July 2012 12:26
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1. Your Nursing Education Degree MUST BE from D3 of Nursing or SKep with Ners of Nursing. (If you have Nursing Education Degree from SKp, you must have Ners as well to get STR but if you have D3 so JUST use your D3 of Nursing).
STR valid for 5 years.
If you want your STR get process fast, you must bring the copy and show the original of your Offering Letter/Working Contract from the Future Company.

2. You must have Surat Tanda Registrasi (STR) from MTKI Pusat as Nursing License but if you have from STR Daerah, you MUST apply to get STR from MTKI Pusat.
MTKI in BPSDM Building at 8th Floor.

3. You must registered as member of PPNI in PPNI Daerah, INNA-... and PPNI Pusat (you MUST HAVE the ID Card of member as approval).

4. You passed the test for Hospital ... in the country ....

5. You must have recommendation letter from PPNI Local Council (PPNI daerah)

6. Make application letter for getting CGS/COGS from Pusrengun SDM Kesehatan and with this letter you must attach along the documents below:
- Copy of Nursing Degree certificate and legalized by your institution (2 copies original legalized)
- Copy of STR and legalized by MTKI (2 copies original legalized)
- Copy of your ID Card as member of PPNI Daerah and Pusat.
- Color photograph 4x6 with red background 4 pages
- Recommendation from PPNI Daerah as reference to apply CGS/COGS
- Copy of Offering Letter/Working Contract from the hospital
- Recommendation letter from agency as representative of the hospital agency.
Pusrengun SDM Kesehatan in BPSDM Building at 6th Floor.

7. Pusrengun SDM Kesehatan will help you to get recommendation from PPNI Pusat, once they get the recommendation letter from PPNI Pusat, they will process your CGS/COGS. (Please keep follow up how is the process or your agency will follow it up)

8. When your CGS is done, the next step is, Make sure the CGS/COGS has been sent to Nursing Board in the destination country by Pusrengun SDM Kesehatan (should be Indonesian Nursing Board) and you must have the copy of your CGS/COGS and approval receipt of courier sent to the Nursing Board of destination country. Because when you arrive in the destination country, they will asking the copy of those documents.

We apologize if there is any lack updating above.

Thank you and hopefully useful for nurses who needs more information to arrange CGS/COGS in Indonesia.

If you want to arrange your CGS/COGS in overseas (from your previous working experience, we advice you to get information and help from your previous hospital where were you worked before and now).